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NEW – Nike Air Max Trainer One

5 Jul


Inspiration enough for a months worth of workouts, at least!

So check these out  – got an email from Nike and instantly wanted at least two different pairs of these sneakers….dont really need them but id really like them.  After All, I spend about an hour or two a day on average at the gym so maybe multiple pairs is a good investment? Sounds logical to me.  Anyways I like all the colors available (there are like, 10) and the design too of course because of that crazy strap – I’m also a huge fan of Air Max 90’s – these are just the sportier, sleeker looking version.  Looks like I need to start saving a bit of money….like now.  So click here for the link if ya dig.


This is just the beginning….

16 Jun

Hey Sassy, so this is my first post of all time – just wanted you to see the very beginning of this blog wooahhh big girl bloggin’.  Looks almost like peanut butter fingies seriously after one long night on the behind the scenes settings of this blog, it will look professional – I think.  Ill chat with cha later bye for now….peace. love. drake.