Onward and downward :)

27 Jul

Wow, so much has gone on since I last posted on here.. So: Dad and I have traveled from Marco Island, to Naples, to Miami, then Fort Lauderdale to board our Caribbean cruise.  I am now writing this on the second full day of the cruise, and at 2oclock today we arrive at our first stop: San Juan.  Taking you back to our time spent in Florida, we decided to leave Marco Island a bit early due to the fact that it was slow as hell.  After spending a last day with Bob at his beach club in Naples (very nice btw) we high-tailed in down to the ever trusty South Beach.


I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this place- I couldn’t wait to make my way to all of the shops that Pittsburgh so annoyingly lacks.  I hit all the stops on Lincoln, Washington, and Collins, and made out O.K.  I also went out with friends for din and drinks on Friday and Sat which was also fun.  On Saturday, a weird thing happened when I was perusing Books and Books.  This weird dude was reading a book called American Gangster alound to this black guy he was with, and I was hanging nearby.  I knew that this guy was famous because he was referring to himself being written about in the book, but I had no clue as to who it was.  So they began to talk to me and the weird jewish guy started spilling all of this stuff to me about Elliot Spitzer and how it was he who brought him down.  He kept on telling me that I was the prettiest Jew he has ever met to which I responded I am not a Jew.  He said he thought so cause there’s no such thing as pretty jewish girls, which I thought was pretty funny/true.  He asked for my number and gave me his on a piece of paper with his name, Jason Itzler, written underneath it.  He told me to come to this club with him with some girls.  Curious, I went home and googled his name. Turns out, he is the founder and owner of NY confidential which is the high-class call girl company, and he had discovered Ashley Dupre (the notorious hooker to elliot spitzer).  Realizing that my calling was basically asking me to follow it, I called him and went out to the club.  Just kidding.  But that would have made for a cool story maybe.

OH and I also took a sweet indian cooking class at Epicure market.  We made vegetarian indian street-food.  It was really cool.  The instructor wants to open up a cool indian restaurant nearby on Alton, I think that would be a good idea.

savory indian muffin yum

Sunday came along and Dadda and I headed up to Ft. Laud, and stopped at Aventura Mall on the way. We only had one hour to look, so I hustled around the colossal mall like a crazy person.  No purchases were made :(.  We arrived at the airport, dropped off the rental car, then took the shuttle to the cruise port.  Really cool ship, very nice.  I have to run right now, but later today I will update you on our cruising adventures thus far.  PEACE. Love. DRaKe.


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