7 Jul

The 90s were not great when it come to fashion, but one good thing that the decade gave us were jelly shoes.  I love jellies- I own about four pairs, styles range from the gladiator sandal to the classic ballet flat, and I am always on the lookout for other cute styles in this functional material.  My favorite part about them is not their ability to take the shape of almost any fashionable shoe style, but the fact that they are virtually indestructible– perfect for those crazy nights out. When I was studying in Barcelona this past semester, I came across a cute little boutique whose window was lined with an array of brightly colored jelly-flats. Not only did I snag a sparkly red pair for myself, but I also took the opportunity to get my sister a souvenir pair in a girly bubblegum pink.  Recently, I stumbled upon an adorable Japanese website that sells these jelly flats- among a variety of other cool things worth checking out:

Although Jellies are definitely cool everywhere, they seem to be especially popular in Japan.  The fashion site dedicated to Japanese street style recently showed this student chick these awesome yellow jelly sandles.  I want to hang out with her. Mainly to find out where she scored her shoes.


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