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Onward and downward :)

27 Jul

Wow, so much has gone on since I last posted on here.. So: Dad and I have traveled from Marco Island, to Naples, to Miami, then Fort Lauderdale to board our Caribbean cruise.  I am now writing this on the second full day of the cruise, and at 2oclock today we arrive at our first stop: San Juan.  Taking you back to our time spent in Florida, we decided to leave Marco Island a bit early due to the fact that it was slow as hell.  After spending a last day with Bob at his beach club in Naples (very nice btw) we high-tailed in down to the ever trusty South Beach.


I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this place- I couldn’t wait to make my way to all of the shops that Pittsburgh so annoyingly lacks.  I hit all the stops on Lincoln, Washington, and Collins, and made out O.K.  I also went out with friends for din and drinks on Friday and Sat which was also fun.  On Saturday, a weird thing happened when I was perusing Books and Books.  This weird dude was reading a book called American Gangster alound to this black guy he was with, and I was hanging nearby.  I knew that this guy was famous because he was referring to himself being written about in the book, but I had no clue as to who it was.  So they began to talk to me and the weird jewish guy started spilling all of this stuff to me about Elliot Spitzer and how it was he who brought him down.  He kept on telling me that I was the prettiest Jew he has ever met to which I responded I am not a Jew.  He said he thought so cause there’s no such thing as pretty jewish girls, which I thought was pretty funny/true.  He asked for my number and gave me his on a piece of paper with his name, Jason Itzler, written underneath it.  He told me to come to this club with him with some girls.  Curious, I went home and googled his name. Turns out, he is the founder and owner of NY confidential which is the high-class call girl company, and he had discovered Ashley Dupre (the notorious hooker to elliot spitzer).  Realizing that my calling was basically asking me to follow it, I called him and went out to the club.  Just kidding.  But that would have made for a cool story maybe.

OH and I also took a sweet indian cooking class at Epicure market.  We made vegetarian indian street-food.  It was really cool.  The instructor wants to open up a cool indian restaurant nearby on Alton, I think that would be a good idea.

savory indian muffin yum

Sunday came along and Dadda and I headed up to Ft. Laud, and stopped at Aventura Mall on the way. We only had one hour to look, so I hustled around the colossal mall like a crazy person.  No purchases were made :(.  We arrived at the airport, dropped off the rental car, then took the shuttle to the cruise port.  Really cool ship, very nice.  I have to run right now, but later today I will update you on our cruising adventures thus far.  PEACE. Love. DRaKe.


Welcome to…. Ghost Island??

20 Jul

Dadda and I stayed the night at a Holiday Inn near the airport, which was decent considering Dad revealed to me that he paid like 35$ for the room. We took the 5:30AM shuttle to the airport the next morning, said our goodbyes to Da Burgh for a while and got on our 7AM flight to Fort Myers, Florida. During the plane ride, I asked dad if he wanted middle seat and he told me that I “could definitely have it” to which I replied “I like the isle” and he sternly commanded that I “get in there”.  Which was definitely cool of him considering I was sandwiched between he on my left and an older man on my right.  Sounds fine until you realize that the guy to my right might have had the worst breath possible to emerge from a human being’s mouth.  Because it was not the kind of stench that one could just ignore, I spent the 2 and a half hours nuzzling my nose in dad’s shoulder.  I think the guy got the hint, because I spotted him chewing gum at baggage claim.  Annnyway, when we got our bags, we headed over to the car rental area… Turns out, dad forgot which rental service he rented our car from.  After I recovered from my shock that dad would actually do something like this (no shock whatsoever), I ran around to all of the rental desks frantically inquiring as to whether or not our last name was in the system. No luck.  After about an hour of this and dad harassing travelocity on his phone and car service people, we found ourselves in a little black VW heading towards Marco.  Dad had hassled some poor chick at the Budget desk to get us a car for the week; no less given to us at a price that was half the amount of what it should be.  As much as we make fun of him for his badgering ways, we do at times have to admit that he is freakishly good at persuading people.  The man is literally good at talking.

Before we reached our Marco Island destination, we decided to give Bob a call because we were passing through Naples.  Bob recently moved out of his monster house and into a condo/apartment type high class community.  Neither dad nor I expected his apartment to be as nice as it was; it is definitely just as nice as his previous abode.  We reunited with Rockit dawg and then went to lunch at the nearby club house.  It was cool to catch up with Bob and hear about his new(est) relationship and the issues that accompany it.  We still had a destination so we headed out towards Marco after we stopped at a nearby Whole Foods (I could creep around freaking day there) to get some food.  We crossed the bridge to the island and came to the condo complex.  Hm.. why is there a population of ten? Why are the majority of them overweight and mexican? We quickly realized that we didn’t come during its peak-season.  The condo is fine- if you are a couple in your mid to late 80s.  We’re definitely not complaining , we are simply getting the hell out of here on Wednesday and heading to South Beach.  Maybe there will be people there.  We got settled and dad cracked a bottle of wine (once again, completely out of character) and passed the F out on the couch.

Note the half empty bottle

That night, we wanted to see Inception, so we headed down to Marco Island’s only movie theaters.  We got there and took note that the entire line was made up of not so friendly looking black people.  Collectively we decided that this was not great, so we ended up driving 20mins to a theater in Naples.  The movie was really good and very smart, but it was approaching 1:30 when it started to wrap up so it was my turn to pass the F out.  Dad woke me up as the credits rolled and I was beyond confused and had no clue where the hell I was.  We drove home and initiated round two of passing the F out.

Now, we are sitting in a Starbucks in Naples on my computer because we have no WiFi in the condo, or prob on Marco Island for that matter.

Dad with his girlfriend (computer) at Starbucks

We are about to take off and stake out some shops around the area, hopefully hit up some outlet mall or something.  I just checked myself out in the mirror and noticed that I look haggard as hell so it’s time for me to peace out of this place.

Im a beaut

BYE!!! xoxoxo

Aaaaaaaaaannndd it’s gone.

20 Jul

Thursday, July 15th 2010 marks the official day that we moved out of our Pittsburgh home on Carriage Lane, in the heart of dear old Upper Saint Clair.  Sad?? A little bit.  Cool?? Defbomb.  As usual, moving was a giant mess; as is everything that has been attempted to be accomplished within our unusual (to put it nicely) little fam unit.

Dad and I said our goodbyes to mom and Alex in the Borders’ parking lot, before they peeled out and headed onward towards their new apartment in Chicago, each with a sparkling Lagos bracelets on their wrists.

Woahhh sick bling gurls

nice little Louis Anthony Background

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7 Jul

The 90s were not great when it come to fashion, but one good thing that the decade gave us were jelly shoes.  I love jellies- I own about four pairs, styles range from the gladiator sandal to the classic ballet flat, and I am always on the lookout for other cute styles in this functional material.  My favorite part about them is not their ability to take the shape of almost any fashionable shoe style, but the fact that they are virtually indestructible– perfect for those crazy nights out. When I was studying in Barcelona this past semester, I came across a cute little boutique whose window was lined with an array of brightly colored jelly-flats. Not only did I snag a sparkly red pair for myself, but I also took the opportunity to get my sister a souvenir pair in a girly bubblegum pink.  Recently, I stumbled upon an adorable Japanese website that sells these jelly flats- among a variety of other cool things worth checking out:

Although Jellies are definitely cool everywhere, they seem to be especially popular in Japan.  The fashion site dedicated to Japanese street style recently showed this student chick these awesome yellow jelly sandles.  I want to hang out with her. Mainly to find out where she scored her shoes.

MAC: Disney Venomous Villians

5 Jul

nasty biatches

So I have always loved MAC makeup, but I think my feelings have been amplified ever since the announcement of their collaboration with Disney.  MAC’s Venomous Villain collection is cooler and more out there than anything they have done in my opinion, and I can’t wait til it’s finally released on the 30th of September! The line includes  Cruella De Vil of 101 Dalmations, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty and  Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.  Hopefully Ill be looking almost as evil (in a good way) come the end of September…

NEW – Nike Air Max Trainer One

5 Jul


Inspiration enough for a months worth of workouts, at least!

So check these out  – got an email from Nike and instantly wanted at least two different pairs of these sneakers….dont really need them but id really like them.  After All, I spend about an hour or two a day on average at the gym so maybe multiple pairs is a good investment? Sounds logical to me.  Anyways I like all the colors available (there are like, 10) and the design too of course because of that crazy strap – I’m also a huge fan of Air Max 90’s – these are just the sportier, sleeker looking version.  Looks like I need to start saving a bit of money….like now.  So click here for the link if ya dig.